1 on 1 In-Home Personal Fitness Coaching

My in-home personal fitness coaching covers these areas and everywhere in between: Chambersburg PA, Martinsburg WV, and Frederick MD.  If you live in or anywhere between these areas then you get the opportunity to work hands-on with me so we can reach your goals as quickly as possible!

How In-Home Coaching Works

We will start off by scheduling your free consultation so we both get the chance to know each other, talk about your goals in detail, and go over your health history.  This will only take between thirty minutes to an hour and no workout clothes required for the consultation.  After the consultation, I'll create a program designed specifically for you and we will get started towards your goals!  I bring all of the equipment you need for each session to you but if you have some workout equipment already then we will definitely put it to good use.

Who Does Coach Embly Work With?

From ten year olds to eighty year olds and from increasing athletic performance to building the strength to stand up again, I have worked with many different people with many different goals.  I am open to working with anyone with just about any fitness goal but I have the most experience, and enjoy working the most, with people whose goal is to live a better quality of life.  This can come in many forms, such as building strength and endurance to help with completing everyday tasks, improve mobility and posture, or getting down to a healthy weight.  I love working with people with these goals because I get to help them feel better than they may have in years and improve their overall quality of life.  Nothing feels more satisfying.

Build Strength &

Improve Posture

Increase Energy

& Endurance

Lose Body Fat

Improve Balance

& Flexibility

Prices For In-Home Coaching

Prices are dependent on how many days per week you would like to work with me, your location, and the duration of your sessions.  You may choose between 40-minute sessions that start at $35, 60-minute sessions that start at $45, or 90-minute sessions that start at $60.  Again, these prices may change based on your location and how often you work with me on a weekly basis.  No matter what plan you choose, after every 10 sessions, you will receive a free session!

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