Customized Online Fitness Coaching

Whether your schedule doesn't allow you to work one on one with a trainer or you're looking for the benefits of having a personal trainer but want to cut costs, customized online fitness coaching is the perfect solution!  Work with me from anywhere around the country - in your home, outdoors, or in a gym.  Workouts are customized to your needs, goals, and the equipment you have available to you.

How Online Fitness Coaching Works

I will start by sending you a couple of questionnaires to help me understand your goals, health history, and what you have available to you for your workouts.  Once the questionnaires are submitted to me, I will create a customized and detailed program for you that includes videos of me, from my own home, demonstrating each exercise.  A newly updated program is sent to you every month and those monthly programs will be updated throughout the month as you give reports back.  Your progress is checked on a weekly basis so if you're slacking, I'll be on you!  Just because you are working online with me doesn't mean you won't be held accountable! 

Who Does Coach Embly Work With?

From ten year olds to eighty year olds and from increasing athletic performance to building the strength to stand up again, I have worked with many different people with many different goals.  I am open to working with anyone with just about any fitness goal but I have the most experience, and enjoy working the most, with people whose goal is to live a better quality of life.  This can come in many forms, such as building strength and endurance to help with completing everyday tasks, improve mobility and posture, or getting down to a healthy weight.  I love working with people with these goals because I get to help them feel better than they may have in years and improve their overall quality of life.  Nothing feels more satisfying.

Build Strength &

Improve Posture

Increase Energy

& Endurance

Lose Body Fat

Improve Balance

& Flexibility

Prices For Online Coaching

Your online coaching programs are given to you and your payments are made on a monthly basis.  You will be placed on a recurring monthly payment plan that you may cancel at any time.  You choose how many total hours you would like your program to be for the month and how many days in the month you plan to workout.  The total hours you choose will be divided by the number of days you plan to work out and your program will be made accordingly.  


For example: You choose 15 total hours and 20 days per month, your program would be divided into 20 workouts with a duration of 45 minutes.

You can choose from 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 total hours per month and as many days per month as you would like.  The monthly fee for a 10-hour program is $89 per month and for every additional 5 hours you add on, the fee increases by $25 ($5 per additional hour).

As a thank you for signing up with me online, when you make your first two monthly payments, I will have a gift delivered to your home (such as TRX Suspension Straps, Gym Ball, or a Bosu Ball) to help provide you with more equipment for your workouts!

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